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Throwback: Rugby World Cup 2015 – Park & Ride


Back in 2015, the hosts of the Rugby World Cup, England 2015, approached us to partner with them to manage the flow of traffic in and out of their events and provide the entire park and ride pre-booking services for the 8 matches that were being held at the Millennium Stadium.

Following the success of our Smart Parking Management Platform at these events, FluidParking officially launched their new product on the market, a mobile ANPR system. This exciting new product is fully mobile, allowing ANPR to be used anywhere at anytime. It is perfect for the Events industry allowing a robust pre-booking and vehicle check-in service for all car parks, even temporary ones.

FluidParking’s fully mobile ANPR system’s brilliance lies in its simplicity.

FluidParking’s Smart Traffic Management Platform enables you to sell your car park spaces online and collect customer information including the number plate of their vehicle. On event days the data is synchronised with our ANPR cameras and used to check in the vehicles to your car park.

What could be simpler?

You receive the money for parking upfront, the flow of traffic in out of the car park and the surrounding area is much more efficient and you have real-time information which enables you to contact the vehicle owner within seconds in case of emergencies.

A far better experience for both customers and staff.

Our Smart Traffic Management Platform can be customised to suit any event from the smallest city car park to the largest international event.

Even if you offer free car parking, pre-registration and ANPR can still be used to help you monitor and gather data for the control room at your event.


  • Parking Revenue collected earlier through pre-booking
  • Contextual information available to Gatekeepers
  • Real-time occupancy information across all car parks