What is an ANPR system?

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high-speed image capture. ANPR technology is used in a variety of ways to support the security and safety of the public as well as supporting efficiencies in the way we monitor traffic and manage parking.

Mobile ANPR

The beauty of our mobile ANPR system is that it enables you to create your car park anywhere and gives you the ability to take your intelligent solution off road. This means it is perfect for field events and festivals.

Branded Online Ticket Portal

Our branded online ticket portal is an online sales platform that enables you to get paid upfront for all attendees. Our portal enables you to provide a slick shopping cart for all your events and caters for more complex needs such as season tickets and guest lists.

Gatekeeper’s tools

Our unique software and optional hardware tool enable you to manage your gates more effectively and ensure the smooth flow of traffic in and out of your events. Our Gatekeeper tool provides rapid and automated vehicle check in, VIP recognition and intelligent vehicle control.

Centralised control

Our centralised control feature enables you to keep your eye of key metrics and manage events in real time, which is vital in case of emergencies. This feature enables you track the rate of arrivals and monitor car park capacities, inform gate keepers of changes and easily get in touch with customers before and after events.