FluidParking’s Smart Traffic Management Platform has been designed to cover a variety of sectors, solve a multitude of problems and ensure your parking operations are run as efficiently as possible.


Our Smart Traffic Management platform is perfectly designed to manage all your parking operations and requirements. Our Platform has been successfully used by some of the UK’s leading events companies and has played an essential part in ensuring the events run smoothly, customers get into the events on time and satisfaction amongst customers and staff significantly increased.

Our mobile ANPR technology means that any open space can be quickly turned into a fully functioning, automated parking area where traffic flow and vehicle ownership can be monitored and tracked 24/7.

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We understand the unique demands associated with Airport Parking and our Smart Traffic Management Platform is perfectly built to optimise your parking operations. Our Smart Traffic Management Platform enables you to oversee forecourt and traffic management from one central unit.

Our pre-booking up front payment system ensures maximum efficiency and fluidity in and out of the car parks and our ANPR system ensures you are able to track and contact vehicle owners in seconds in case of emergencies.

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Rail Stations

Train stations experience high volumes of traffic every day therefore efficient management of parking operations and ensuring spaces are available for customers is essential.

Our Smart Traffic Management Platform and ANPR technology enables you to consistently monitor the flow of traffic in and out of the car park. It allows for upfront booking and payment and in case of emergencies it enables you to contact the vehicle owner within seconds.

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As hospitals are getting busier, their parking challenges are increasing and this has an often negative, direct impact of the experience of staff, visitors and patients. Our Smart Traffic Management Platform has been designed with an understanding of the challenges hospitals currently face and our technology can be used to ease the pressure, manage the traffic flow and provide a better experience for everyone involved.

One of the key benefits of our platform is the “full permit management” system, which is considerably effective is saving time for visitors, patients and staff.

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Shopping centres

Ensuring the efficient running and management of parking at shopping centres is essential to the success of its retailers and the brand. Negative parking experiences can be extremely frustrating to customers and the effects far reaching.

Our smart traffic management platform provides enables you to take advantage of technology to limit waiting times, receive payment upfront and easily track car owners in case of emergencies. The efficiency of the platform encourages a positive attitude towards parking amongst customers resulting is a better all round experience.

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Hotels experience a variety of problems, which our smart traffic management platform solves. Problems such as motorists who have no intention of staying at the hotel, staff at local businesses using the hotel car park facilities, general public using the hotels car parks with the sole intention of shopping in the nearest town or city and other problems such as guests not paying overnight charges.

By using our platform and mobile ANPR technology, customers are able to pre-book, pre-pay which means you get paid for parking upfront, only guests of the hotel can use the car park and you can easily contact vehicle owners in case of emergencies.

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