Development of our Smart Traffic Management Platform began back in 2013. A few of us got together with an idea of how we could create a solution that would make parking at events much more efficient.

Our idea led to action and after 2 years development and testing all our efforts came to fruition when England 2015 asked us to partner with them for the Rugby World Cup. Managing the Park and Ride sites for England 2015 at the Millennium Stadium gave FluidParking the opportunity to shine. The technology performed flawlessly over the course of 8 games, parking over 25,000 vehicles across 6 sites in the busy city of Cardiff and is still in operation today. This was our first international contract and was the catalyst for our Smart Traffic Management Platform to be noticed on a national scale.

Fast forward to today and we are now representing some of the most prestigious events in the sporting calendar and we are the preferred partner for events held by some of the leading multinational companies.

Find out more about Fluid7 Ltd. on www.fluid7.co.uk

The team

The team at FluidParking pride themselves on their ability to create cutting edge technology to help you manage all your traffic and parking needs.

Our innovative approach to product development and our desire to provide you with the best Smart Parking Management Platform in the world is what makes us unique in the market and perfectly positioned to partner with you.

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Technical Lead

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Administration Manager

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UI/UX Developer

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Systems Administrator

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Software Developer