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The future of parking


It’s the year 2018 and the relentless drive of technology into every area of our lives continues unhindered. We’re more connected now than we have ever been and the widespread adoption of mobile devices has given us huge opportunities to improve our experience as consumers. Whether that’s helping us find our way around new cities on foot or by car, or removing the pain of having the right change with us when paying for .. well almost anything.

The Past

be able to drop us off at the shops or pick us up from the pub, but we’re still a way off that. In the meantime, we need to find physical spaces to park our ever bigger cars.

My gripes are..

  • Do I really have to pick up a paper ticket when I park?
  • Where are the empty car park spaces?
  • Why do I have to queue to pay for my parking?

The Present

The truth is, we as an industry have solved all these annoyances, and sometimes parking is refreshingly straight forward. The car park of the here and now should always be…

  • No barriers
  • No tickets
  • No queueing

The Future

The future of parking lies in presence detection and automated, accurate payment.

Surely my car should be my parking permit..?
What if my car had a parking subscription .. Pay as you go, or monthly?

I should be able to park in any space, anywhere and be notified on my mobile of the price for parking there and whilst parked, be kept up to date on the current bill. Simple, clean and convenient.

No lost tickets, no surprise bills, and no queueing!

So until Tesla, Google or Uber or whoever offer us a subscription to their fleet of driverless pick up and drop off cars that make private car ownership too expensive and not worth the hassle, FluidParking will keep parking cars the right way for whoever comes asking.